Services & Facilities

Crafting Excellence

A woman rigs a mast at Wooden Boatworks
A timeless art

At Wooden Boatworks, we work with a passion for excellence. We restore or build every boat with authentic materials and to the standards of the original builders -- and we have never found better.

We have decades of experience in the successful execution of the most exacting work in building, restoration and repair.

Yet our project management is hands-on and direct. We work with first-rank craftsmen and women in Greenport and an exceptional team of similarly experienced specialists from both sides of the Atlantic who have been integral to our crew for years.

Our customers know we are consistently able to maintain the integrity of a yacht’s design and still execute the most demanding work with economy, skill and dispatch.

We have been guided from the very start by the idea that working with the timeless art of classic wooden boats is a privilege. And that sailing such a masterpiece is the only right expression of that joy -- one no sailor should miss.

Boats built to the standards of original classics
Steam-bending frames for a replica

Custom Build & Replicas

Our custom yachts are able to embody all of a designer’s original genius.

To craft a classic anew, we draw on our own inventory of selected designer’s original plans as well the incomparable archival collections elsewhere. We then apply our deep working knowledge of all the arts and sciences necessary to her creation.

When such plans don’t exist, we have an exemplary record of successfully lifting and interpreting lines from existing boats -- some safeguarded by our country’s marine museums. We take their lines by traditional means or by laser, lay down the lines and meticulously build a new boat as elegant and timeless as any of her classic sisters.

Restoration & Repair

Vintage hardware creates an authentic yacht
First rank craftsmen execute demading work

The work of yacht restoration and repair can require at least a dozen disciplines: the art and craft of shipwrights, carpenters, joiners, sailmakers, cabinetmakers, painters, riggers and metal workers as well as of naval architects, interior designers, local and national historians and engineers.

There are other needs: vintage hardware needs locating. Or a special piece of wood, with just the shape to carve a knee or with a perfect grain for a cockpit coaming is required.

In every case -- whether restoration or repair -- we have the answer or can find it because our team shares a vision and has the craft and the resources to bring each boat to life.

Boats In Our Care/Maintenance

Whether a boat is new to us or an old friend, every boat in our care is examined each fall for any problems that may have arisen. We bring them to the owner’s attention. With a plan, we then do what is necessary over the off-season to ensure her a safe and long life.


Matertials both sustainable and authentic
Over 60,000 board feet and sustainable


We have in house and for immediate use over 60,000 board feet of seasoned, sustainably-harvested lumber suitable for yacht building and repair. Our resources include: Port Orford cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar, Atlantic white cedar, wild black cherry, white oak, locust, long leaf yellow pine, teak, greenheart, brownheart, purpleheart and mahogany.

Vintage hardware creates an authentic yacht
Perko portlight


We have on hand an extensive collection of vintage Merryman Brothers, Wilcox Crittenden and Perko marine hardware. Many pieces are new old-stock and the inventory includes gooseneck fittings of all sizes, track, cleats, chocks, bronze blocks, wood blocks and mastbands as well as bronze bolts and screws etc. so we can fit a classic yacht with complete authenticity.

Paints & Varnish

Immaculate presentation is one of the joys of ownership. We have the materials to prepare everything from linseed oil, turps, pine tar to the most modern paints available.


Marine Railways/Hanff’s Boatyard

Wooden Boatworks operates two marine railways and has a third under construction at our base in Hanff’s Boatyard, one of Long Island’s oldest boat-building sites deep in Greenport’s Stirling Harbor.

A vanishing treasure, a marine railway remains essential to the proper care, repair and restoration of any classic wooden yacht. On a railway, the yacht glides in or out of the water, her weight distributed evenly along the length of her keel in exactly the way she was originally built.

Our outside, shoal-draft railway -- ideal for smaller boats -- accommodates a 4’ draft, 50’ LOA and a 12’ beam and weights to 20 tons. Our inside railway handles yachts up to 55’ LOA, drafts to 8’ and a beam of 12’. The new railway is rated at 300 tons, 100’ LOA and a 10’ draft; it will be completed in 2012.

Distinguished yachts winter with us in Greenport
Fitting out at Hanff's along the railway

Winter storage/indoors & in-water

A fleet of distinguished classic yachts -- including Banzai, Caper, Clio, Dolphin, Nautilus and Tartan -- winter in-water with us each year. Each yacht is monitored daily at our docks in Stirling Harbor. We house all trailerable boats, including the celebrated Madigan, Tamayasamoz, and Windward in our purpose-built storage barns in Aquebogue, NY.

Masts & spars storage weatheproof and overseen
We make and store spars to 70'

Masts & Spars

We handle all spars in house. We crane-haul masts to 70’ and have custom-built, weatherproof spar racks for sticks up to that length. We protect the spars by directly overseeing their removal, storage and installation, including labeling and tagging every element of the running and standing rigging.

Dedicated varnishing shed

Sequestered from dust and debris, the shed allows us to finish and refinish to the highest possible standard.