Media & Press for CLIO

Wooden Boat Calendar 2010
by Benjamin Mendlowitz
NOAH Publications
May 2010
The Book of Wooden Boats (Vol. III)
by Text by Maynard Bray, photographs by Benjamin Mendlowitz. Forward by John
Windward & Tamayasamoz; Clio.
Cover & pp. 72 - 73 & 164 - 165
W.W. Norton
Jan 2010
Restoration Quarterly
"Classic Racing Returns to Oyster Bay" by William Denslow & Susan Daly
Clio, Caper
Fall 2007
pp. 14 -16
Sep 2007
William Fife, Master of the Classic Yacht
"Clio" by Franco Pace
p. 102
Adlard Coles Nautical
Jan 1998
The Yachtsman
"Sheevra [Clio] Jewel of the Clyde" by Jeffrey Law
Editorial by Tom Cunliffe
Sept/Oct, 1992
pp. 10-20
Sep 1992
The World’s Most Extraordinary Yachts
"Sheevra [Clio]" by Jill Bobrow & Dana Jinkins
pp. 186-189
Concepts Publishing
Jan 1992