Donn Costanzo & Bruce Wahl, 'There's nothing else we'd rather do.'

We began, as young men, working the waters of the Great South Bay, running wooden ferryboats and long-tonging for clams. Ingrained from our workboat experience is a great practicality. Classic yachts for us are not merely beautiful or consistently astonishing under sail, but truly are boats for all time.

A dozen years ago, after years of restoration work and successful Classics' racing in Europe, we returned with pleasure to our American roots and to the riches of American yachts. We began Wooden Boatworks with one Beetle Cat and we have grown because owners continue to entrust their well-loved boats to us. We are blessed, too, by the open-hearted support of our entire community.

There is nothing else we’d rather do.

Donn Costanzo & Bruce Wahl