Gilbert Monroe Smith, 1885

Gaff sloop. LOA 21' 8" Beam 7' 1" Draft 1' 4"

Completely rebuilt and restored the 1885 original in 2006. Replaced her stem, keel and centerboard case and 85% of her sawn frames with natural oak and cherry crooks. Built a new deck and cabin sole. She has original planking except for her garboards. She sails now in East Hampton over 125 years after she was first built. Maintained and stored indoors at Wooden Boatworks.
Pulling up the hook under sail
<em>Windward</em>'s timeworn sternpost and rudderport must be replaced
New sternpost and knee set in place
Planks removed, keel and frames to go as well
Replacing frames, floors and keel in <em>Windward</em>
Bedlogs and the first plank by the keel, the garboard, removed
Natural crooks searched out over months form the frame
Ready to paint planking fastened with WWI Tobin bronze angle 
The cockpit restoration complete 
A picture of perfection
She serves as Committee Boat in local racing waters
Fresh from her restoration - her lines sing
<em>Windward</em> with her classic sisters at Wooden Boatworks, Greenport, NY