Alfred Edward ‘Bill’ Luders Jr., 1946

Sloop. LOA 49' LWL 30' Beam 9' 6" Draft 7'

Extensive restoration and virtual rebuild 2010-2012. Re-rigged as a yawl. Sail plan and rig designed by Theo Rye, naval architect, and Nathaniel Wilson, sailmaker and rigger, in collaboration with Donn Costanzo of Wooden Boatworks. Built the 63’ mainmast and 30’ 6” mizzen mast. Fabricated custom bronze mast hardware and installed a new gang of standing and running rigging. Crafted a new deck, new cabin sides and coamings. Double-planked with cedar and mahogany. Fitted new sails as well as new water and electric systems. Rebuilt engine. Acquired and fitted period hardware. The two-year restoration plan assured the owner lost no sailing time.
Wooden Boatworks begins hand work on a new mast for <em>Storm</em>
Milling timber is the very first step
63' halves of new mast glued and clamped together
Mast finished, the gang of new rigging is hung
Mast crane hoists the 63' spar into position
Masts set as <em>Storm</em> completes her re-rigging as a yawl
Her extensive renovation began with new decks
A cockpit panel is replaced
Old planking being stripped
New double-planking begins, cedar inside, mahogany outside
Partially planked bow 
Planking nearly complete
Installing the final 'shutter' plank guarantees a celebration
Hull being faired and epoxied for a watertight seal 
<em>Storm</em>'s careful two-year renovation plan is complete
<em>Storm</em> -- somewhere shy of 70 -  a superlative classic