Bill Harless, c. 1890's

Ice boat. LOA 15'

Indigenous to Long Island’s Great South Bay, scooter ice boats are capable of speeds up to 80 mph and can carry as many as four passengers. They are able to sail through slurry-ice and even over patches of open water. Originally used in lifesaving work. Captain Scoot was completely rebuilt for new seasons of iceboating with a change to a gaff rig and the creation of a more harmonious deck construction.
Clamping and bracing the coaming Her stern sanded and ready for varnish Her distinctive pumpkin seed hull from astern <em>Captain Scoot</em>'s cockpit with cat Scrapper <em>Captain Scoot</em> shines like a candy apple <em>Captain Scoot</em>'s bowsprit springs from the deck Covering boards sweetly marry the king plank in her new sprung deck Ready for the ice on the Great South Bay <em>Captain Scoot</em> a Bill Harless classic ice boat from the Great South Bay