Restoration & Repairs

The work of yacht restoration and repair can require at least a dozen disciplines. In every case -- and whatever the need -- the Wooden Boatworks team has the answer or can find it because we share a vision and have the resources to bring each boat to life.


    Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, 1905
    Gaff sloop. LOA 43' LWL 30' Beam 8' 9" Draft 6' 4"

    Banzai races in Classic Boat Regattas in Long Island Sound. A New York 30, one of the finest racing/cruising one-design classes ever designed. Extensive rebuild and restoration in 2009/2010. Completely replanked (double- planked) the hull, replaced 60% of framing, installed new floor timbers, a new Dynel deck, new systems, power plant and drive train as well as all the keel bolts. Wooden Boatworks restored the interior -- of which almost half was original, having been safeguarded in a barn for forty years. Maintained and winters in-water with Wooden Boatworks.



    Charles Beetle; John H. Beetle; Ruth Beetle, 1921
    Catboat. LOA 12' 4" Beam 6' Draft 8"

    Wooden Boatworks repairs, maintains, and stores 40 - 45 Beetle Cats annually.



    Philip Leonard Rhodes, 1957
    Sloop. LOA 56' 3" LWL 38' Beam 12' Draft 8'

    Built for Commodore Irving Pratt of the New York Yacht Club to the CCA Rule. Won silver in her first season offshore, in the 1957 Annapolis to Newport Race; Class 2nd in 1960 and Class 3rd in 1964 Bermuda Races. Greatest win, first in fleet of 102 in the 1958 Block Island race. Maintained by Wooden Boatworks and winters in-water.



    Bill Harless, c. 1890's
    Ice boat. LOA 15'

    Indigenous to Long Island’s Great South Bay, scooter ice boats are capable of speeds up to 80 mph and can carry as many as four passengers. They are able to sail through slurry-ice and even over patches of open water. Originally used in lifesaving work. Captain Scoot was completely rebuilt for new seasons of iceboating with a change to a gaff rig and the creation of a more harmonious deck construction.

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    Sir William Fife III, OBE , 1921
    Gaff sloop. LOA 45' 9" LWL 30' Beam 9' 6" Draft 6' 1"

    Designed by Fife for himself at sixty-four. Known as Sheevra when rebuilt entirely in 1983 by Donn Costanzo, Jeff Law and Olive Adzhead in Italy in concert with Cantieri Navale dell’Argentario. Subsequent winner of La Neue Nioularque in the Mediterranean in 1988, 1989 & 1990. Overall First in Class and Line Honors at Monte Carlo & St. Tropez. Spring Series Winner of the Oyster Bay Classic in 2009.

    Her recent repair work includes replacing her forefoot and a new tiller. Maintained and stored in-water at Wooden Boatworks.



    Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, 1914
    Marconi cutter. LOA 35' 7" LWL 29' Beam 10' 6" Draft 5'

    A Newport 29 cruiser. One of three survivors of four originally built, she is a big sister to Herreshoff’s famed Alerion. Raced for nearly a century, she has perhaps won more trophies than any other boat in American yachting history. Raced in the Med 2006-2008, she came in first at Palma de Mallorca in the XXII Trofeo Almirante Conde de Barcelona regatta, in the Vintage Class and was first overall in her group. Today, Dolphin instructs the racing sailors of the International Sail Training program at the Oakcliff Sailing Center, Oyster Bay, New York. In June 2011, Shelter Island Yacht Club honored her on the occasion of their 125th Anniversary. Maintained and stored in-water at Wooden Boatworks docks in Greenport, NY.



    Nathanael Greene Herreshoff, 1905
    Gaff sloop. LOA 43' LWL 30' Beam 8' 9" Draft 6' 4"

    A New York 30 -- the celebrated racing class reputed to need no reef until it blows 30 knots. Sister to Banzai with hull #16 to her #15. Interior designed by William Pedersen. 2010-2011 repairs included wooding and refairing her topsides.

    Nautilus races and teaches racing sailors in the Sail Training program which raises the level of sailors and of sailing in the USA through the Oakcliff Sailing Center of Oyster Bay, New York. Maintained and winters in-water at Wooden Boatworks.



    Tord Sundén, 1955
    Fractional Sloop. LOA 27' Beam 7' 6" Draft 3' 11"

    A brilliantly modified King’s Cruiser, Patina was rescued from a Maine roadside in 2011, stripped to her hull and rebuilt from the keel up in 2012. Fastened new keel bolts; crafted a new sternpost, floor timbers, cockpit staving and engine housing. Refinished her unique fore and aft cockpit wells. Rebuilt Yanmar engine and installed a new instrument panel. Wooded and faired the hull and original mahogany transom. The ‘big sister’ of the popular post-WWII Swedish Folkboat, Patina races – and cruises -- with simplicity and remarkable speed. Winner 2012 Jim Brown Memorial Trophy Oyster Bay Classic Yacht Racing.



    Alfred Edward ‘Bill’ Luders Jr., 1946
    Sloop. LOA 49' LWL 30' Beam 9' 6" Draft 7'

    Extensive restoration and virtual rebuild 2010-2012. Re-rigged as a yawl. Sail plan and rig designed by Theo Rye, naval architect, and Nathaniel Wilson, sailmaker and rigger, in collaboration with Donn Costanzo of Wooden Boatworks. Built the 63’ mainmast and 30’ 6” mizzen mast. Fabricated custom bronze mast hardware and installed a new gang of standing and running rigging. Crafted a new deck, new cabin sides and coamings. Double-planked with cedar and mahogany. Fitted new sails as well as new water and electric systems. Rebuilt engine. Acquired and fitted period hardware. The two-year restoration plan assured the owner lost no sailing time.



    Raymond Bunker & Ralph Ellis, 1953
    Powerboat. LOA 41' Beam 12' Draft 3' 6"

    Early definition of a "picnic boat", a beautiful, originally soft-top (canvas) cruiser. Her lines draw from the lobster boat heritage of Maine. Served as ‘Mother Ship’ -- crew quarters and supply depot -- for Dolphin during her 2006-2008 Mediterranean Classics racing seasons. Recent restoration and repair work includes building a hard-top (wood) cabin, a new gimbaled cockpit table, cockpit sole and new bench seats doubling as storage and refrigeration. Maintained and stored in-water at Wooden Boatworks.



    Gilbert Monroe Smith, 1885
    Gaff sloop. LOA 21' 8" Beam 7' 1" Draft 1' 4"

    Completely rebuilt and restored the 1885 original in 2006. Replaced her stem, keel and centerboard case and 85% of her sawn frames with natural oak and cherry crooks. Built a new deck and cabin sole. She has original planking except for her garboards. She sails now in East Hampton over 125 years after she was first built. Maintained and stored indoors at Wooden Boatworks.