Gordon Douglass, 1945/2012

Sloop. LOA 17' Beam 6' Draft 6"

The classic Thistle one-designs sail as fast and high as dry leaves racing downstream. A 2012 custom build and replication of Thistles #586 and #705 required new plans, lofting and a new jig. Each hull was formed by five layers of precisely-set strips of 1/6th-inch mahogany stapled and glued in “cold-molded” construction – our first work with this process which, produces singular strength with barely discernible weight. Created new transoms. Rebuilt and restored cockpit interiors, re-weaving original wood into hull #705. Both classics, Thistles #586 and #705, will return to family sailing on the Great South Bay.
Preparing to lift the mold sections off the lofting Sisters, #586 and #705, to be replicated Lofting begins on the shop floor A hull is split Body sections battened off from new boat plans Mold set up is notched for battens 
New transom and keel in place on the new jig First layer of 1/6 inch mahogany stapled to jig Five layers of wood, each glued and stapled, over the jig First hull complete, jig ready for second to begin Five slender layers make her both strong and very light Varnish shines the rails, cockpit and centerboard case Prepared for speed with polished bottoms Cockpit and hull of Thistle #705 Complete Two classic replicas ready for the Great South Bay