Gilbert Monroe Smith, 1925/2007

Gaff catboat. LOA 21' 2" LWL 6' 9" Draft 1' 4"

Replica of the last B-Class catboat designed by Smith, his 1925 Gay B. Lofting in January 2007, she was completed in seven months and launched in July of that year. Built of steam-bent oak frames, planked with Atlantic white cedar, decked in Port Orford cedar with cherry king plank and covering boards. As in the original, the elliptical coaming, bulkhead and trimwork are also cherry. She sails in East Hampton, New York.
Her cast bronze name celebrates four children From the keel to the tailfeather exacting fits Bending new frames Clamping frames Ready for planking Planks shaped and ready to go on A new hull removes all that is not essential The flip of the hull Cockpit hairpins will carry the coaming Cherry grain on the after covering boards <em>Tamayasomoz</em> owner and builders <em>Tamayasomoz</em> Bristol fashion